Published On: 23 October 2017

Topographic mapping is a routine task for many surveyors, engineers, and construction professionals. Just about any project design requires a topographic survey in order for a project manager to know what the characteristics of the ground are in order to properly design the project.

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Published On: 22 September 2017

Every geospatial project starts with a well-defined scope. Within that scope there is inevitably a plan for how the data to be analyzed will first be collected.

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Published On: 19 September 2017

Whether determining the location of one asset relative to another or identifying the geographic coordinates of a feature on the Earth, geospatial professionals are focused on identifying where things are.  Accurate location data enables land surveyors, construction foremen, engineers, and others to take precise

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Published On: 6 September 2017

The newly announced Intel Insight Platform is a cloud-based data processing, analytics and reporting service that allows customers to store, share, and manage the rich data that commercial drone systems provide. The Intel Insight Platform helps harness data collected during a drone flight to unlock business value and it...

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Published On: 21 June 2016

Delair-Tech White Paper entitled Get “the Z” right : methodology for achieving centimeter accuracy using drone-acquired data for mapping and topography purposes written by Bastien MANCINI, co-founder of Delair-Tech and Technical Director.   In this scientist paper you will understand the benefits of precision GNSS/IMU on the accuracy of products obtained by...

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