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Slide Of a Great Quarry Site The Anatomy . What should a modern quarry site look like?
Delair’s digital view from above provides the business insights needed to thrive.

Slide Switch to a fixed-wing UX11 Drone and fly longer, often, and farther while maintaining survey-grade results Aerial surveying

Slide of your site Upload geotagged images from your drone, tag GCPs, and adjust and stitch your photos to create photogrammetry deliverables. Visualize your entire site, and make the measurements you need! Generate the digital twin Orthophoto
Digital Surface Model
3D Point Cloud
3D Mesh
3D Model
Slope Map
Change Map
Digital Surface Model Contours

Slide Advanced stockpiles Manual inventory-optimization efforts are labor-intensive, expensive, risky for employees on the ground and don’t provide current data. Delair.ai Advanced Stockpile Analytics automate inventory reporting, enabling you to deliver accurate and current information to all stakeholders.

Slide Haul Roads The condition of your haul roads impacts machine efficiency, productivity, and safety.They require ongoing monitoring and upkeep. Delair.ai Haul Road Analytics automate insights about current conditions and geometry of your haul roads. Annotate and share problem areas with team members to improve worksite efficiency. Haul Road Centerlines
Haul Road Widths
Haul Road Crossfalls
Haul Road Grade

Slide Safety & Highwalls It is your job to proactively ensure employees’ safety, avoid fines, minimize shutdowns, and improve regulatory relations. The Safety & Highwalls Analytics check compliance with safety requirements, which may have ramifications for future blasting. Share inspections and current site conditions within your organization and contractors. your entire team Collaborate with Annotate, tag individuals, discuss findings, upload attachments, and make speedier, more-informed decisions. Gain a holistic view of your sites, progress and operations across your company.