On: 13 January 2020 In: Agriculture

The Aerial Potato Disease Evaluation (APODE) project evaluated the accuracy, objectivity and traceability of Delair solution for potato blight...

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On: 8 January 2020 In: Surveying & Mapping

This version is “Technology Preview”, providing early access to new and exciting features and supporting extended use cases compared...

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On: 23 December 2019 In: Success Stories

Delair drones to strengthen Niger's investigation and prosecution capacity of terrorism-related cases

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On: 18 December 2019 In: Platform, Surveying & Mapping

Finally, a drone data processing platform that supports more than just ellipsoid heights and fixed elevation offsets! You can...

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On: 17 December 2019 In: Agriculture, Success Stories

"With the UX11 Ag camera you can extract the most popular traits to monitor the plant behavior over the...

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On: 11 December 2019 In: Surveying & Mapping

How the adoption of the Delair UX11 fixed-wing drone allowed Johnson Poole and Bloomer to increase safety and improved...

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