On: 25 April 2019 In: Platform, Surveying & Mapping

Finally, a drone data processing platform that supports more than just ellipsoid heights and fixed elevation offsets! You can now use your vertical coordinate reference system or datum of choice, such as NAVD88 in the US, through the support of geoid models in

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On: 17 April 2019 In: Platform, Surveying & Mapping

The Delair Aerial Intelligence platform ( offers a powerful set of tools and functionalities that enable a surveyor to turn ordinary drone images into extraordinary business analytics. It is of fundamental importance that a surveyor can produce accurate maps which means they need to process high-precision georeferenced images from...

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On: 5 March 2019 In: Mines & Aggregates, Surveying & Mapping

The american quarry operator Luck Stone digitally maps existing site conditions with a fleet of UAV. Data is analyzed with Delair’s Aerial Intelligence platform to measure stockpile volumes for inventory management, production forecasts, and auditing.

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On: 18 December 2018 In: Surveying & Mapping

With this update of Delair Flight Deck, the Delair UX11's pilot can now easily switch from 2.4 GHz band used to communicate with the the ground control station to cellular, on-the-fly to keep continuous command and control of the drone. The Delair UX11 can automatically adjust the location...

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On: 29 November 2018 In: Surveying & Mapping

Delair’s long standing partnership with Trimble yields a major enhancement to a streamlined drone photogrammetry workflow - the recent release of Trimble Business Center v5.0 now supports high-precision PPK drone data with a new JXL output exclusively available with the Delair UX11 PPK drone.

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