Business Solutions

Manufacturing and Support

DELAIR manufactures all of its drones in its dedicated 1500 m2 production facility in Toulouse, France.
In 10 years Delair has manufactured several thousand drones which are now operated all around the world.
Delair’s methods, tools and teams have flourished from this experience and the organization currently has manufacturing capacity for anywhere from a few prototypes to thousands of drones per year.
Take advantage of Delair’s experience and facilities to propel you to the next level of production, quality assurance, and traceability.
The support services team manages a worldwide drone fleet with tens of thousands of flight hours.
The manufacturing team is expert in industrial painting, composite materials lamination, electronics soldering, and mechanical assembly, with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and delivering high quality, reliable products.

Delair Quality

A dedicated quality team with established methods and procedures that follow the standards of the aeronautical industry (SQCDP, KPI, 8D, Ishikawa, SWOT analysis).


  • Product quality processes
  • Quality management system
  • Safety and environment

For manufacturing, the quality department is involved from IQC to delivery, including:

  • System implementation
  • Manage the suppliers
  • Building and steering the quality control plan
  • Defining and measuring KPIs

Key figures:

  • More than 300 control points on each drone
  • More than 500 changes managed through a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system
  • Creation of hundreds of instructional manufacturing documents

Delair Support

The support team is organized to manage three primary activities:

  • Operational support – to help customers in case of operational issues or failure events with the goal of finding a solution as quickly as possible to ensure a continuity of their operations
  • Support engineering – to analyze and resolve failure events, continuously improve systems, and update technical documentation
  • Success and training – to ensure new and existing customer success, and satisfaction with solutions, collect product feedback, and lead product operational trainings

Thanks to partnerships with select members of Delair’s worldwide network of authorized distribution partners, Delair has nine regional service centers, each with trained technicians and equipped with specialized equipment and tooling to manage level one and level two support.