Building long range aerial sensors

since 2011

Drones & Sensors

Delair’s professional fixed wing drones are the ideal tool for acquiring aerial data faster and farther.
They cover large surfaces with each smooth and stable flight.

Delair UX11

The smartest mapping drone ever made in two configurations:

  • UX11 with an in-house designed industrial RGB camera
  • UX11 Ag with the MicaSense RedEdge-MX multispectral camera


A high-performance, long endurance UAV with the ability to support complex missions and host several swappable payloads including:



Check out Delair’s specialized, vehicle agnostic aerial sensors
such as the Camlight

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Technical Services


With its spacious production and warehousing facility in Toulouse, France, Delair is an excellent partner for companies looking to outsource manufacturing. Delair employs senior level production engineers and technicians who are licensed and certified in industrial painting, composite materials lamination, electronics soldering, and mechanical assembly.
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The services of Delair’s experienced team of UAV engineers and experts are offered to clients and partners seeking assistance with hardware and software product development.
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Delair specializes in commercial drones for Industry, Defense and Mapping with numerous references in each.



For surveying and mapping applications Delair drones provide high-quality data that with the accuracy required to model digital twins and derive business insights.
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The Delair drone for agriculture, empowers you to assess plant health thanks to multispectral maps but also to get a bird’s eye view of your fields to make better decisions.
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Security and Defense

Delair surveillance drones are the preferred choice for night and day monitoring of infrastructure or sensitive areas.
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Long-range and BVLOS

In 2012, Delair unveiled the first drone certified for beyond visual line of sight flights (BVLOS) in civilian airspace in the world to conduct power line inspections.
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