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Linear & Infrastructure Solutions

Delair UAVs are the best solution for visual data acquisition and inspections of linear assets or infrastructure.

Our experience and close partnerships with major electric transmission and distribution companies have resulted in industrialized and proven solutions that meet the specific requirements of the electric power industry. RTE, the French power transmission company, has been using our systems for several years to inspect and digitize their power lines.

Advanced mission planning tools for corridor mapping in Delair Flight Deck Pro and the incredible extended communications range with the Delair Xtreme Link or the Delair Cellular communication link make Delair an ideal choice for any asset manager or subcontractor working on linear infrastructure.

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The features and sensors of Delair drones are particularly well suited for:

  • Electric power utilities – powerline inspections, vegetation encroachment, environmental permitting, new line planning
  • Oil and Gas – pipeline inspections, mapping and permitting for new pipelines
  • Rail – rail line inspections, subsidence monitoring, risk and hazard mapping
  • Road and highway – topography, cut and fill, volume calculations, material estimating when bidding on new projects, construction project monitoring during earth work, as-builts
  • Transportation – metro and public transit planning, Right of Way, access planning
  • Telecommunications – fiber optic route planning
  • Environmental monitoring – mapping riparian areas, wetland delineation, new infrastructure site mapping for environmental impact assessments

Combined with Alteia platform, or your data analytics platform of choice, Delair drones provide a complete view of your infrastructure’s condition. This enables informed decisions and powerful management and maintenance plans.

With down to 1cm GSD, the Delair UX11 can inspect or map 20 km (12 mi) of a linear asset in a single out-and-back flight using its revolutionary 3G/4G cellular communication link.

With features like live mapping. terrain following, and custom waypoints, Delair drones are sure to provide you with both the performance and the peace of mind you need to scale up your drone operations.

Data Capture

Vegetation encroachment analysis

The Delair UX11 can be used to capture imagery of powerlines and the vegetation immediately surrounding them with the goal of pinpointing the areas where the vegetation is too close to the lines. This is an essential part of fire hazard mitigation planning by providing precise locations and volumes of vegetation that is encroaching too closely to the lines, so that vegetation management crews can be mobilized to remove the hazards.

Powerline inspection and mapping

The Delair DT26E LiDAR is a comprehensive drone data capture solution for powerline inspections and mapping. Equipped with both a high-end LiDAR sensor and an RGB camera, you can map up to 60 km of powerline in a single two-way flight and have all the required data to measure distances between pylons, assess tension and sag, and create a digital terrain model (DTM) of the ground below the lines.

Vectorized Conductors

Delair drones capture all the data you need to model powerlines and pylons in 3D,allowing you to fully vectorize your conductors in CAD, GIS, and other 3D modeling software.

Delair makes the ultimate digital twin data collection drones for linear infrastructure.

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