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Security & Defense Solutions

For 10 years, Delair has been providing field-proven drone solutions to customers around the world in the security and defense industry.

Among others, Delair drones have flown for thousands of flight hours in Ukraine with OSCE to monitor the security situation. In Niger, local military forces use Delair drones in the fight against terrorism for surveillance and protection of the territory (see article). Special Forces teams within the French Army also use DELAIR drones.

Delair’s security and defense team is composed of former operational French military troops with extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of your needs in:
● Personnel protection
● Convoy support and perimeter monitoring
● Border control

Delair drones have purpose-built features for security and surveillance applications:

  • Real-time data transmission
  • Silent with no radar signature
  • Open payload capacity
  • Quick set up ( <20 min)
  • Communications systems that use dedicated military or security forces frequencies
  • Video tracking of four targets in parallel
  • Interoperability and communication between drones
  • Operability in extreme conditions (operational temperatures -15°C to +50°C)

Delair drones can be used to map a village for a reconnaissance survey before troops on the ground advance towards it.
Mission commanders can browse the generated 3D model to identify tactical positions, street accesses to the buildings, and the presence of parked vehicles. They can even measure distances between objects, heights of buildings, and precise coordinates of locations of interest.

Data Capture

Mission Planning

Our UAVs are designed to assist in the creation and execution of an operational mission plan. They can be used in every stage of a mission.

  1. Reconnaissance – to scout and secure the perimeter, to map out infrastructure and buildings, and to identify access points and escape routes
  2. Assault – to monitor the perimeter by conducting automated flights around the area
  3. Exfiltration – to monitor the end of the action and provide enhanced situational awareness at exit points to ensure the safe return of the teams

All of these scenarios can benefit from the real-time mapping capability of DELAIR’s ground control station.

Border Monitoring

The DT26 with its powerful zoom (30x optical) is able to detect small objects in large areas. The system can lock onto targets, geolocate them, and track them automatically.

With a communications range up to 50km, the DT26 is ideal for monitoring borders.

IMSI Catcher capability

The DT26 is a tactical UAV that is capable of supporting multiple payloads including an IMSI/EMEI catcher payload.

The tactical on board IMSI Catcher enables IMSI & IMEI information gathering, direction finding of the target mobile phones, and the blocking of the mobile services selectively or from all the mobiles.

The collected information can be effectively analysed in real time or off-line. The detailed map view and DF function speed up the geolocation process and facilitate operations.


Delair drones can help secure convoys, such as when a new FOB (Forward Operating Base) needs to be created or high value goods have to be transported through dangerous zones. The drone can fly over the area before and during the convoy, allowing mission commanders to make a comparison and identify potential traps or indirect fire.

Moreover, with the possibility of video tracking, Delair drones can detect, geolocate, and track targets all while following an automatic flight plan. Four targets can be tracked simultaneously.