On: 1 April 2020 In: Platform, Power & Utilities’s machine-learning algorithms for automatic Lidar point cloud classification allow you to isolate your infrastructure and classify its surroundings just with a click.

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On: 12 February 2020 In: Power & Utilities

Visual intelligence and automated analysis can help you improve your vegetation management for a better risk assessment. Make the right decisions based on data and save your team time and your company money.

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On: 13 November 2019 In: Power & Utilities

RTE uses the Delair DT26 LiDAR fixed-wing drone to help maintenance and repairs for over 100,000 km of electricity power lines in France. RTE drone pilots share their experience with aerial LiDAR data acquisition technology.

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On: 4 December 2018 In: Power & Utilities

In a big step for the powerline and drone industry, Delair and ENEDIS light the path towards an industrialised drone-based solution that could lead to digitalised and optimised power line management worldwide.

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On: 25 January 2018 In: Power & Utilities

In the past 5 years, drone technology has widely spread in the power & utility sector. As unmanned vehicles are setting new standards for the industry, they are many paths leading to the adoption of the technology. Choosing the right supplier is a critical step in the problem-resolution cycle.

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