DT26 Open Payload

Integrate your preferred sensors

Make the most of a high endurance fixed-wing UAV system to integrate your own payload and get an affordable solution to boost your project.

Reduce time-to-market and R&D efforts with an easy-to-use, field proven airborne test bed and embark your own payload.

Customized industrial UAV solution with an outstanding operational performance

Field-proven UAV system

with a strong track record in industrial operations



Highly stable payload platform

thanks to the fixed-wing drone design



Ruggedized airframe

providing solid protection for payloads



High endurance

to quickly acquire large amounts of data with any kind of payload


Open hardware interface

enabling easy integration and interoperability


DT26 Open Payload

Integrate your preferred sensors

Make the most of a high endurance fixed-wing UAV system to integrate your own payload and get an affordable solution to boost your project.
Reduce time-to-market and R&D efforts with an easy-to-use, field proven airborne test bed and embark your own payload.

A complete, flexible solution for the most demanding requirements

Integrate your preferred sensors


Build a powerful sensing system and get high quality spectral images thanks to the high performance and stability of the DT26 Open payload.

  • Crop health
  • Irrigation monitoring & R&D in large orchards
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Mining exploration
  • Infrastructure inspection



Integrate an optical gas imagery camera and benefit from long endurance flights to continuously monitor your infrastructure, access remote areas or hazardous zones and spot gas leaks faster enabling you to take action efficiently.

  • Oil & gas infrastructure inspection
  • Chemical complexes monitoring
  • Power Generation and biogas plants monitoring


Get different views of the same target, from the same position, with an oblique sensor integrated in a stable, long endurance platform.

  • AEC / BIM applications
  • Powerlines & wind farms detailed inspections
  • Cadastral surveys


Push the limits of aerial imagery by integrating ultra high resolution sensors to generate a detailed orthophoto and perform thorough inspections.

  • Rails & roads inspections
  • Powerlines & wind farms detailed inspections
  • Mapping & Surveying


Combine the dual sensor advantages with the benefits of a fixed-wing drone and meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Hot-spot detection and measurement, plus visual inspection of owerlines
  • Solar panels inspection with IR imagery
  • Rails & roads inspections for small defects detection
  • Water pipeline asset inspection


Benefit from a 3kg capacity which combined with the long range of the DT26 UAV enable you to rapidly transport goods from one point to another especially in remote areas and even in hazardous conditions.

  • Mining operations
  • Humanitarian operations
  • Emergency operations

DT26 Open Payload package content

1 DT26 Open Payload UAV

Up to 135 min endurance
8 min deployment time


1 Mama Bear antenna

Up to 50 km range; datalink, control and command



2 Solapp flight control software licenses

(simulator included)



Technical diagnosis service




1 DT26 UAV Battery pack + charger

1 DT-Launcher catapult for DT26 UAV

1 UAV Remote control (DT26)

1 DT26 Rugged case

(Safe, robust transportation. Capacity: 1 drone. Dimensions*: 118 cm / 65 cm / 58 cm)


1 Mama Bear Rugged case

(Safe, robust transportation. Capacity: 1 antenna. Dimensions*: 117 cm / 40 cm / 20 cm)

1 DT26 Accessory Kit

(wing joiners, pitot, fasteners, disloc. shims)

1 DT26 Training

(10 days for 2 trainees) at DT Training Center + video tutorials & manuals


1 Technical support

(hotline, software upgrades, video tutorials)

1 One-year warranty

Datasheet & Package specifications

Aircraft specifications

Endurance1 Up to 170 min
MTOW 18.5 kg
Wingspan/Length 3.3 m / 1.6 m
Deployment time 8 min
Cruise speed 60 km/h (31 kts)
Take off / Landing Catapult / Belly (all terrain)
Material Composite (fiberglass, carbon, kevlar),
EPP foam
Communication range Up to 30 km (250 m AGL)
Very low cruise acoustic signature < 80 dBA (acoustic pressure converted at a distance of 1m)

Payload bay

Maximum weight 3 kg
Payload bay dimensions (length, width, height) 374 x 182 x 240 mm
Payload maximum dimensions (length, width, height) 369 x 178 x 235 mm
Voltage supply 5-12-24 VDC
Maximal power supply 140 W
IP connectivity Possible on Request2

Operating conditions

Wind resistance 36 km/h wind, moderate rain, -15 to 40 C (at sea level)
Take-off & landing altitude/ceiling 0 to 2000 m ASL @ 0 / 2750 m ASL
Landing accuracy 15 m x 50 m (Typical)

DT26 Open Payload


(1) Actual results of the Delair DT26 Open Payload, may vary depending on UAV configuration and payload weight, battery age and condition, and operational, environmental and climate conditions.
Specifications subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.
(2) Payload IP datarate to be validated by Delair, ask your sales rep.
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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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