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Delair Design Services

DELAIR has the largest team of engineers in France who specialize in the design and development of commercial drones.

You can save time and money by leveraging our know-how and expertise for your drone project whether it be a technical study or the development of a UAV, a sensor,  or a subsystem.

Delair has more than 10 years of experience designing and manufacturing five generations of professional, industrialized drones, thousands of which have been sold throughout the world.

The Delair design office team is made of 25 qualified engineers with extensive experience in aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems engineering including technical competencies in mechanical design, aerodynamics, electrical design, command and control, autopilot or flight controller design, airworthiness, ground control stations, telecommunications, and payload or sensor design.

Delair can accompany you through any part of, or even the entire development process from the feasibility study to the manufacturing of your custom-made drone system and customer support.

We are equipped with Solidworks stations and CAD software as well as capable operators in order to ensure the best quality of deliverables.

Our Solutions.

Drone systems

Following your specifications and requirements, Delair can fully develop a small  unmanned aircraft system (up to 25 kg)  , whether it be fixed-wing, rotary or VTOL.

Take advantage of Delair’s experience to ensure reliability, high quality, and reproducibility of the product while being attentive to cost and manufacturing constraints throughout the design process.

Drone subsystems

Delair can carry out the design and manufacturing of any drone subsystem.

Mechanical, electrical, autopilot, ground control systems and payloads can be developed to specification while ensuring compliance with required norms (CE, FCC, etc.) and expected performance.

We design, validate and set up the production of your prototypes and final products.

Safety analysis

With a dedicated airworthiness team, Delair can execute any safety study or analysis you may require, keeping in line with airworthiness standards and methodologies, especially ARP4761, SORA, DO178 and UTM.

Delair was the first company in the world in 2012 to be granted a civilian BVLOS airworthiness certificate for its DT18 drone. Since then Delair has received one of the first EU SORA certificates to fly BVLOS on a regular basis (PDRA01).

Both as a designer and an operator of drones, Delair can provide services surrounding safety analysis as well as  establishing and implementing standard procedures according to the most demanding aeronautical standards.

Feasibility studies

Some of our UAV are made from client requirements.

We are able to design and certify

  • UAV payload
  • Integration of any payload
  • UAV in a dedicated environment for industrial application

Based on your needs (e.g maintain industrial infrastructure) Delair will design, test, and manufacture in series the best solution.

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