On: 8 September 2019 In: Oil & Gas, Webinar

Watch this webinar and discover common ways of using drones to secure oil production fields and learn how they can help you create a safer environment for your staff while improving productivity.

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On: 23 August 2019 In: Oil & Gas
On: 13 February 2019 In: Oil & Gas, Success Stories

Facing a tight deadline, Crafton Tull chose the Delair UX11 to complete a massive drone survey of a 52-mile, 9,000-acres corridor for a new oil and gas pipeline - saving time, money, and producing a detailed survey that met its client’s requirements.

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On: 10 May 2018 In: Oil & Gas, Success Stories

Engie is responsible for the weekly monitoring of sections of GRTgaz pipeline to ensure that there is no unauthorized construction over the pipeline that could cause damage to the infrastructure. The Delair DT18 seemed to be a good alternatif to traditional inspection methods.

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On: 8 March 2018 In: Oil & Gas, Success Stories

Looking for new ways of managing its assets to improve its productivity, safety and environmental efficiency, Perenco called on Delair to deploy its aerial monitoring solutions over its sites in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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