On: 22 May 2018 In: Agriculture

The world of smart farming brings precise inventories, harvest predictions and fast disease control to your fingertips. Find out three ways the DT18 AG long-range drone will transform your agriculture business.

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On: 30 January 2018 In: Agriculture, Surveying & Mapping

Light distance and ranging (LiDAR) technology has advanced tremendously in recent years and the valuable data it provides is highly sought after.

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On: 10 November 2017 In: Agriculture

Delair has been chosen as a John Deere partner to enable drone-to-tractor actionable insights.

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On: 15 May 2017 In: Agriculture

Increased yield. Drought resistance. Herbicide resistance. Disease resistance. More protein. The quest for the perfect crop is a never-ending process. The crop breeder faces a lot of obstacles. As innovation opens the door to new opportunities, some challenges remain. With rapid advances in DNA sequencing technologies, plant phenotyping is...

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On: 31 March 2017 In: Agriculture

Accelerate and improve the chance to select the next blockbuster seed: UAVs allow to screen more trials and at a higher pace than manual ground truthing. As an expert in both data acquisition and data processing, Delair-Tech developed high-throughput phenotyping UAV solutions to get valuable insights on each plant...

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