Agriculture precision for corn fields UAVs Delair-Tech
On: 1 October 2015 In: Agriculture

Maisadour is one of the largest agricultural cooperative with 8,000 farmers and 160 industrial sites across the South-West of France and operations in Ukraine, Spain and Morocco.

Maisadour needs to know the density of its corn and sunflower plots. Combining the MicaSense sensor and Delair-Analytics data management platform, Delair proposed to count plants by processing multispectral images acquired by DT18 every week for 3 weeks using our dedicated algorithms for automatic analysis.


Maisadour also needs to know the stress of its plants before deciding any intervention on the crop. By using specific Delair-Analytics algorithms adapted to Micasense RedEdge spectral bands, Delair calculated the biomass by analyzing the amount of chlorophyll in the crop.


This operation for one of the largest agricultural cooperative in France on corn and sunflower showed that the combination of our MicaSense sensor/Delair-Analytics/Delair UAV is the perfect answer to precision agriculture. Our results are precise and accurate as expected.
Delair and Maisadour are also technological partners participating to one of the biggest project concerning precision agriculture: more information here!