Published On: 30 January 2018

Light distance and ranging (LiDAR) technology has advanced tremendously in recent years and the valuable data it provides is highly sought after.

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Published On: 10 November 2017

Delair has been chosen as a John Deere partner to enable drone-to-tractor actionable insights.

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Published On: 15 May 2017

Increased yield. Drought resistance. Herbicide resistance. Disease resistance. More protein. The quest for the perfect crop is a never-ending process. The crop breeder faces a lot of obstacles. As innovation opens the door to new opportunities, some challenges remain. With rapid advances in DNA sequencing technologies, plant phenotyping is...

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Published On: 31 March 2017

Accelerate and improve the chance to select the next blockbuster seed: UAVs allow to screen more trials and at a higher pace than manual ground truthing. As an expert in both data acquisition and data processing, Delair-Tech developed high-throughput phenotyping UAV solutions to get valuable insights on each plant...

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Published On: 3 March 2017

SIMA – the Paris international agribusiness show – is in full swing this week! The crowd is rushing to discover the last innovations in farming, from the weather connected stations to the autonomous cabless tractor from CASE IH. SIMA whisperers confirmed that Internet of Things is one of the...

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