Precision Agriculture with UAVs Delair-Tech
On: 1 October 2015 In: Agriculture, Press Book

Delair is the chosen long range UAV and analytics platform for the biggest R&D project about Precision Agriculture.

With a total budget of 4.5 million dollars, the project wants to better precision agriculture setting and testing automatic image processing solutions for 4 years on thousands and thousands of acres. This project gathers among the biggest agricultural cooperative in France (Arterris, Maisadour, Vivadour and Terres du Sud) and Invivo. Academical partners (INRA, LAAS, Arvalis Institut du Végétal and Terres Inovia) are integrated in the project and will work on the development of new biophyisical index calculation. Delair is the biggest partner of the project by providing its long range UAV solutions and its Delair-Analytics image processing platform.
Farmers, universities and Delair work together on the way they can improve the drone solution for an agriculture purpose. Working hand-in-hand, they are about to create the best UAV performer to ensure farmers incredible accurate results.

UAVs can provide precision agriculture. Drone users can better fertilization, irrigation and even more, predict yield. Those improvement allow users to save money and contribute to preserve the environment. The Delair UAVs are especially adapted to large farms or cooperative since DT18 and DT26X can fly 2 to 3 hours.