power line inspection drone
On: 7 November 2017 In: Power & Utilities

In the past 5 years, drone technology has widely spread in the power & utility sector. As unmanned vehicles are setting new standards for the industry, they are many paths leading to the adoption of the technology. Choosing the right supplier is a critical step in the problem-resolution cycle.

  • How to select the appropriate supplier to solve your problem?
  • How to adapt the technology to your specific environment and problem?
  • How to find complementary support from experienced companies?

Screening for suppliers

Having a clear picture of the issue and a detailed list of options is essential prior looking for drone suppliers. The process of selection of the supplier also needs to follow a number of guidelines.

One of the key element to consider while screening for suppliers is the amount of experience acquired over the years. ‘Because Delair has been in the civilian drone market since the very beginning in 2012, they have been gaining a lot of experience’ said Julien Duchene, business manager at RTE.

Julien Duchêne explaining how important it is to use drones
during the 3G flight record in June 2017

Another important factor to consider is the company’s approach to technology. Delair products are really unique compared to other traditional drones. Multi-rotors are usually flying 30 minutes per flight. Delair products put a greater emphasis on autonomy to cover a much greater distance.

Very few Unmanned Aerial Vehicle companies cover a full expertise ranging from hardware to software across all types of industry. This experience is fundamental to help industrial customers to make critical decisions. Having a global presence often indicates the supplier’s reputation and credibility. Delair, for instance, is available in 80 countries through over 150 distributors.  

Finally, the approach to innovation shows the supplier’s unique commitment to solving complex issues. By breaking new grounds in technology, Delair has managed to bring high value to the power industry.

Thus, the supplier’s constant commitment to innovation demonstrates its ability to solve your problem.

Power Line inspection drone: Looking for a long-term impact

Drone technology is developing by leaps and bounds. The flexibility of the platform added to the decrease of the operating cost is leading to revolutionize the Power & Utility industry. The direct result for the customer is a safer, cheaper and more respectful of the Environment solution.

Patrick Bortoli, director of maintenance, during the 3G flight record in June 2017

The future of Powerline and pipeline inspection depends on our ability to stretch the technology over large distances. By establishing strong partnerships with global industry leaders like RTE, Delair is extending the limits of our capabilities. It is critical to work in pairs with drone suppliers in order to successfully solve a problem. As the technology is rapidly evolving, there is definitely room for economic optimization of the entire electricity grid. Today, drones represent the most disruptive technology for the future of the industry!

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