On: 7 November 2017 In: Power & Utilities

In the past 5 years, drone technology has widely spread in the power & utility sector. As unmanned vehicles are setting new standards for the industry, they are many paths leading to the adoption of the technology. Choosing the right supplier is a critical step in the problem-resolution cycle.

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On: 31 October 2017 In: Power & Utilities

The switch to drone technology comes with a handful of possibilities. Many power companies are now experiencing the opportunity. After defining their key issues, they reach out to drone suppliers in order to test the technology. With a wide range of payload and sensors, drones are carrying out increasingly...

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On: 23 October 2017 In: Power & Utilities

Compared to ground-based systems, drone inspection offers a new range of capabilities. Highly flexible, the platform supports the highest level of precision and autonomy.

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On: 25 September 2017 In: Power & Utilities

Aerial services start-up blends drones, satellites and data analytics to inspect power lines of largest utility provider in Georgia.

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On: 8 June 2017 In: Power & Utilities

Today at 11:00 a.m., RTE and Delair set a new distance record when they flew a civilian drone 30 miles (50 kilometers). The official purpose of the flight, which took place in France, was to inspect by remote camera RTE’s power lines as well as recording data that would...

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