On: 1 July 2020 In: Agriculture, Platform

Forestry Club de France used to detect trees under attack and cut only the necessary areas to sanitize the forest.

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On: 15 April 2020 In: Agriculture, Platform platform update: you can now create your own custom scouting maps and custom composition maps from your multispectral and hyperspectral data

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On: 11 March 2020 In: Agriculture

The key for successful aerial phenotyping operations is to delineate and georeference every single micro-plot on your map. That's why drone based techniques are highly reliable to monitor traits of varieties and evaluate field trials response at the microplot level.

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On: 13 January 2020 In: Agriculture

The Aerial Potato Disease Evaluation (APODE) project evaluated the accuracy, objectivity and traceability of Delair solution for potato blight assessment.

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On: 17 December 2019 In: Agriculture, Success Stories

"With the UX11 Ag camera you can extract the most popular traits to monitor the plant behavior over the whole life cycle, such as the leaf chlorophyll content and the green biomass that are direct indicators of the plant’s vigor"

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