White Paper Delair-Tech drones uavs LiDAR
On: 13 February 2017 In: Surveying & Mapping

On the occasion of the International LiDAR Mapping Forum taking place in Denver, CO (USA), from Monday, February 13th to Wednesday, February 15th, Delair released a white paper entitled “DT26X – LiDAR performances”.

LiDAR instruments were traditionally fitted on aircrafts for mapping and surveying applications. While keeping the same level of accuracy, Delair has developed a more economical and safer method: a drone systems embarking LiDAR technology.

The analysis paper shows how the LiDAR payload on a Delair UAV can be a highly accurate and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications, including monitoring infrastructure during maintenance work. Watch the explanatory video for Power & Utilities applications.

It will also compare the performances of this off-the-shelf configuration against a custom product developed for a demanding use case with a high-resolution GNSS/Inertial solution.

The following case study was carried out from August 2016 to September 2016 with our DT26X-LiDAR model.

Download the White Paper “DT26X LiDAR performances