On: 26 August 2016 In: Surveying & Mapping

On the 7th and 8th of August 2016, Delair’s DT18 flew 2 hours each day just before noon during rush hour over one of the busiest interchange on the biggest highway in Dubai.

The purpose of the flight was to survey the junction for road expansion and railway construction on behalf of RTA (Road and Transport Authority in Dubai). The DT18 flown over an area of 2.8km² with success in very harsh conditions: at 47°C by 11am, with belly landing on desert sand. This was in many ways, a first in the region.

This job was operated by FEDS (Falcon Eyes Drones), an UAV operator based in Dubai, with the authorization of local authorities. In the Emirates of Dubai, the authorities involved are the DCAA (Dubai Civil Aviation Authorities) and the MoD (Ministry of Defense). The civil aviation will assess the mission and give approvals based on each detail, and they in turn inform the police and ATC of our activities.

The deliverables for this project was an orthomap with an impressive 1.4 horizontal accuracy and a 3D point cloud.

Delair and FEDS are proud of their collaboration on this mission. The perfect match between the high level of performances and safety of Delair’s machines and the high level of professionalism and expertise of FEDS team had enabled to achieve this mission successfully.