DT26X Surveillance long range surveillance drones to better address counter terrorism in Niger

Delair long range surveillance drones help the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to better address counter terrorism in Niger

23 December 2019 READ MORE Delair drones to strengthen Niger's investigation and prosecution capacity of terrorism-related cases

How end-to-end agricultural drone solution helps Innolea deliver enhanced scientific services for the French seed oil industry

17 December 2019 READ MORE "With the UX11 Ag camera you can extract the most popular traits to monitor the plant behavior over the whole life cycle, such as the leaf chlorophyll content and the green biomass that are direct indicators of the plant’s vigor"

JPB mines long-term value from adopting Delair drones for more efficient engineering services delivery

22 November 2019 READ MORE How the adoption of the Delair UX11 fixed-wing drone allowed Johnson Poole and Bloomer to increase safety and improved efficiency for gathering visual information.
archaeological surveys drone Delair

How ATS deployed the UX11 to uncover archaeological features

18 June 2019 READ MORE Archaeological Surveys Drone: learn more about how ATS improved their archaeological surveys with the Delair UX11 fixed-wing drone, through an innovative approach to maximizing effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How Wood addresses the challenge of large-scale surveying for mines with a fixed-wing drone

4 June 2019 READ MORE For large-scale surveying and asset management in remote areas, drone-based data collection is often the only option. Engineering services company Wood realized the advantages of a fixed-wing UAV platform from Delair for efficiently collecting critical data to plan and manage a mining operation in...
Success Stories


On: 13 February 2019 In: Oil & Gas, Success Stories

Facing a tight deadline, Crafton Tull chose the Delair UX11 to complete a massive drone survey of a 52-mile, 9,000-acres corridor for a new oil and gas pipeline - saving time, money, and producing a detailed survey that met its client’s requirements.

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On: 17 May 2018 In: Success Stories

The primary purposes for this project were to identify the highest level of the Garonne river during floods (like after a climatic event) and to obtain historical data about each flood over the course of the long term.

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On: 10 May 2018 In: Oil & Gas, Success Stories

Engie is responsible for the weekly monitoring of sections of GRTgaz pipeline to ensure that there is no unauthorized construction over the pipeline that could cause damage to the infrastructure. The Delair DT18 seemed to be a good alternatif to traditional inspection methods.

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On: 3 May 2018 In: Success Stories

Bathawk Recon aims to propose leading-edge surveillance technology for antipoaching operations. They intended to use professional UAVs to reveal the places where poachers are hiding

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On: 4 April 2018 In: Success Stories

The copper mine at Tenke Fungurume (TFM) in the Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. TFM’s mining activities include surface mining, leaching, and SX/EW operations. They need weekly topographical surveys in order to calculate the production capacity and generate digital surface models (DSM) of the mine.

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