[Webinar Replay] Hydrone : Découvrez l'avenir du drone

3 June 2021 READ MORE ⬇️ Replay gratuit ci-dessous ⬇️ L’innovation a toujours été au cœur de notre ADN. Après des années à repousser les limites des vols de drones, dont le premier drone commercialement certifié BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight), nous développons désormais l’Hydrone, un drone à hydrogène. Regardez...

[Webinar Replay] New UX11 Upgrade Options: Discover how you can enhance your mapping drone

6 May 2021 READ MORE ⬇️ Free replay below ⬇️ This webinar's aim was to learn about three high-performance upgrades available for the Delair UX11 mapping drone, including : The Delair Xtended Link - a new telecommunications antenna that extends your range up to 25 km On aircraft ADS-B modules -...

[Webinar Replay] How can surveillance drones help secure oil fields against security threats?

7 September 2019 READ MORE Watch this webinar and discover common ways of using drones to secure oil production fields and learn how they can help you create a safer environment for your staff while improving productivity.

[Webinaire - 4 Avril] Comment augmenter votre productivité d’arpentage à l’aide d’un drone à voilure fixe - en partenariat avec Cansel

22 March 2019 READ MORE Y a-t-il sur terre un arpenteur-géomètre qui ne voudrait pas économiser du temps et de l’argent, obtenir plus de données fiables, prendre moins de risques sur le terrain, en un mot, être plus productif? La solution est...

[Webinar Replay] How to boost your mapping productivity on large sites with a fixed-wing drone - in partnership with Cansel

20 March 2019 READ MORE Is there on earth, a surveyor or a mapper who wouldn’t be interested in saving time and money, get more reliable data, take less risks in the fields and, in one word, be more productive? The solution is that simple: just fly a fixed-wing...


On: 25 January 2019 In: Webinar

Innovations in drone technology, coupled with a truly user-centric approach, gave birth to a new kind of UAV solutions that meet the real-life challenges of agriculture professionals. In this webinar, you’ll discover not only how and why latest fixed-wing drones are now becoming a user-friendly tool in agriculture, but...

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On: 8 June 2018 In: Webinar

Twice the data in half the time: the Delair DT26X LiDAR democratizes airborne LiDAR by enabling the technology to be used in a much wider range of projects. The solution hugely reduces costs and safety risks which makes the DT26X LiDAR a scalable alternative to manned aircraft for corridor...

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