Delair-Tech white paper
On: 21 June 2016 In: Surveying & Mapping

Delair White Paper entitled Get “the Z” right : methodology for achieving centimeter accuracy using drone-acquired data for mapping and topography purposes written by Bastien MANCINI, co-founder of Delair and Technical Director.


In this scientist paper you will understand the benefits of precision GNSS/IMU on the accuracy of products obtained by photogrammetry (DSM, DTM, orthophotography, stereoscopic restitution, 3D model) with Delair UAVs.

Delair technologies are able to bring high accuracy making it possible to work without Ground Control Points (GCPs), thus reducing overall costs.

This White Paper has been written based on a case study which was carried out from December 2015 to March 2016 with our DT18-PPK & DT26XPPK models.

Download the White Paper – Get “the Z” right