The Delair-Tech Uavs are shown at the Delair-show
On: 15 June 2015 In: Events, New products, Press Book

Feedback on the second edition of the Delair-Show.

Last week, more than 50 of our partners attended the show at Delair headquarters. Representatives from countries such as Myanmar, Malaysia, Spain, England, Northway, and France were in attendance.

This event provided the opportunity to present our technologies, from drone manufacturing in the workshop, to the post-flight data analysis. Guests were invited to see the heart of Delair’s activities and to participate in each step. Our team was happy to answer questions about civilian drone use with respect to our partners’ needs. It was a great occasion to demonstrate our drone’s applications to the Agricultural, Mining, and Utilities sectors.

During the outdoor presentation, we performed DT18 and DT26-X flights. Each one-hour flight showcased the full range of our drones’ capabilities.

We were pleased to share our various solutions for the industries challenges.
Check out the video to find out more about the Delair-Show!