Railways industry and the need of UAVs from Delair-Tech
On: 15 July 2015 In: Press Book

The DT26X UAV is exposed at the opening of the 3 EPIC SNCF, as part of the UAV program for SNCF Réseau. 

Today, Manuel VALLS, the French Prime Minister, inaugurates the start of the 3 EPIC SNCF project in Paris.

For the creation of the 3 EPIC SNCF, a reorganization project of  France’s national railway company, the DT26X, our brand new civilian UAV will be shown during the following month, as a central piece of the SNCF Réseau stand, in the SNCF headquarters.

As a matter of fact, ultra-long range UAV can be a solution to streamline the inspection and the surveillance of railways lines. With a range of more than 200 km, and a 2,5 hours autonomy, the DT26X UAV, can solve long distance surveillance challenges.