Mexico Delair-Tech UAVs
On: 12 June 2015 In: Events, Press Book

Delair-Tech’s drones have facilitated the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico (CFE) inspection after the Blanca Hurricane.

Last week, tropical storm Blanca approached the southwestern coast of the Baja California Peninsula. Fortunately the storm weakened to a tropical storm when it reached the coast of southwestern Mexico and the southern Gulf of California.

Nevertheless, the Federal Electricity Commission, Mexico’s dominant electric company, required Delair-Tech’s drones to assess the extent of the damages on the he national electric grid.

Under difficult conditions -strong wind, rainfalls, landing place unknown- the DT18 UAV had to map the affected zone before and after the storm in order to analyze its impact. Delair-Tech crew has launched 3 DT18, each one at an altitude of 300 meters ASFC. In almost 4-hours flight our team has obtained deliverables and detailed pictures of 18 km² damaged area.

The Post-flight images can be processed quickly, providing important information to the authorities after natural disasters. Within 2 hours, Delair-Tech team manage to obtain mosaic of aerial pictures of 9.5 cm per pixel resolution.
Long-range drones can aid in Search and Rescue operations, infrastructure damage assessment, and disaster zone investigation.