UAVs of Delair-Tech high quality electronics
On: 16 June 2015 In: Press Book

Looking for new challenges? Do you have what it takes to make a drone career? 

Drone industry is in full expansion, every single day drone innovation brings new solutions to industry, agricultural and humanitarian challenges. Drones facilitate professionals to improve and streamline their daily management. For the last few years, Delair has also been focused on international growth. Today we work with a global scope and limitless potential for drone’s application.

Now, we are looking for talented and hard-working individuals able to hold a variety of positions as  full-time jobs or internships.

If you are interested in new technologies and if you are ready to take part in drone technological progress: Feel free to apply to join our team!

Click here for more information : https://delair.aero/delair-tech/careers/