Vectorized Conductors

Digital twin
of your conductor.

Your transmission lines and conductors are vectorized and represented in 3D space so you can visualize them clearly. This enables you to understand the actual condition of your line, such as sway and swag, and distance to ground.
3D representations of your transmission lines and towers can be utilized in maintenance and build plans.


  • For each 5 km of power line a vectorized conductors file named with the prefix VCond, plus a code composed adding to power line’s unique code (provided by the client) two more digits to define the portion of line considered.
  • Each file contains three (one for each phase of the power line), 3D, geo referenced vectors with a maximum length of 5km; for double circuit lines we have two files each of 5 km.
  • Each file is delivered in two formats (dxf and shp).


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