Delair-Tech wad at the COP21
On: 8 December 2015 In: Events

Could drones help to save our planet from a too important global warming?

The public organization in charge of geographic information and forest management (IGN) plans to take an active part in reaching the COP21 goal to struggle against climate change. Together with Delair they decided to enlight their project to design and manufacture a special sensor for mapping UAVs during the Conference. This special camera gives UAV the capacity to produce high resolution and stabilized imagery with specifications adapted to the requirements of the UAV industry. Thanks to its ultralight weight, its low energy consumption, and its ability to analyze and upload images in real time, the Delair drone will offer new capacity for GIS and emergency mapping. The use of drones appears as a reactive alternative to planes, which are greedy energy consumers.

The COP21 event is the 21st Conference of the Parties. It represents the annual meeting of all countries which want to take action for the climate. Currently, 149 countries have announced their contribution in the struggle against climate change. The aim is to limit global warming to 2°C between now and 2100. Delair and IGN are exposing together in Le Bourget to present the solution they have jointly developed.