On: 8 September 2019

Sabotage, theft and kidnapping are persistent threats for major oil companies operating in remote and hostile areas, causing significant loss of revenue, risking human life and damaging the environment. Aerial data and real-time video provided by drones is a game changer. Drone solutions are the new toolset being integrating into their daily activities, enabling security managers to:

  • Increase visibility
  • Optimize time-of-response
  • Make informed decisions
  • Increase uptime


  • Pain points and challenges of securing oil fields in remote areas
  • Surveillance drones advantages for the oil industry
  • Real-time aerial video surveillance applications:
    Overwatch wellheads from the sky
    Surveil oil field access roads
    Prevent trespassing and sabotages
  • Delair drone solution for oil field monitoring and security

Who should attend?

This webinar is for any oil professional in charge of:

  • Security
  • Asset protection
  • Operations safety
  • Emergency response
  • Wellhead integrity


Benjamin Michel – Delair’s Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Benjamin is the Delair’s CPO with a strong background in oil and gas exploration and production activities. Before founding Delair, he worked during 8 years for Perenco in different countries such as Venezuela and Gabon, as a Field Production engineer, Technical Manager and other operational roles. These experiences gave him an understanding of the oil companies challenges in complex regions and encouraged him to develop with Delair drone solutions fitted for this demanding industry.

Vincent Desperiere – Security & Defense Global Sales Manager

Vincent is the Global Sales Manager for the Security and Defense markets at Delair. He has great experience in international sales and has a large knowledge of the African market. With an engineering degree he has 5 years experience in selling sophisticated technology and drones to industrial customers. Since he started working at Delair in 2017, he has been developing key accounts and executing the worldwide market strategy to position Delair as the preferred partner for security and defense drone solutions. 

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How can surveillance drones help secure oil fields against security threats?
Article Name
How can surveillance drones help secure oil fields against security threats?
Discover common ways of using surveillance drones to secure oil production fields and learn how they can help you create a safer environment for your staff while improving productivity.
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