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On: 1 February 2023 In: News and updates, Press Book, Press releases

DELAIR acquires NOTILO PLUS and extends its offer for Industry and Defense to the maritime environment with a new...

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On: 23 November 2022 In: Press Book

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2023, February 21st – L’aile UX11 de Delair est le premier UAS avec indication de classe C6, pour les vols hors vue


2023, January 13th – Delair s’étend aux drones sous-marins avec Notilo Plus


2023, January 9th – Delair met la main sur Notilo Plus


2022, July 4th – Delair becomes partner of L’Envol des Pionniers


2021, April 27th – Labège : le drone hydrogène de Delair retenu


2021, January 29th – Défi fou des toulousains Delair et Isae-Supaero : créer un drone à hydrogène liquide et lui faire traverser l’Atlantique

Delair, le concepteur de drones toulousain, et l’Isae-Supaero, l’une des meilleures écoles au monde en matière d’ingénierie aérospatiale, s’associent pour concevoir un drone alimenté à l’hydrogène liquide qui pose les jalons de l’aviation bas-carbone de demain.


2020, December 1st – Toulouse. Delair et l’Isae-Supaero vont développer un drone à hydrogène transatlantique

Delair et l’Isae-Supaero vont concevoir un drone à hydrogène liquide qui pose les jalons de l’aviation bas-carbone de demain.


2019, June 4th – Thanks to Drones, French Wine Tastes Better

Winemakers are flying Delair’s sophisticated UX11 drones, laden with custom software that lets them monitor plots for sick plants, predict output and map vineyards down to the size of a grape.


2019, May 29th  -Phenome Networks and Delair Establish Strategic Collaboration

Seed breeders and variety testers will benefit from an integrated and easy-to-use workflow to merge the advanced research data managed in PhenomeOne software with the high-throughput plant data collected by Delair drone solutions


2019, May 20th  – The Delair UX11 Fixed-Wing Fix

Why a multi-discipline firm chose a fixed-wing UAS solution for large-scale surveying and quantities for mines and quarries.


2019, January 31 – Drones for Power Line Inspections

There is a quieter, cleaner, cheaper option for aerial power line inspections: drones.
Paolo Guzzini, Delair’s power and utilities product manager and an expert in utility aviation, explains why fixed-wing drones are the future of aerial-based asset management in the utility market because they offer a range of advantages over other methods, such as helicopters. Fixed-wing drones cover areas not possible or practical by other surveying approaches.