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Delair Mining Drone Solutions

Harness the power of drone data to take your mining operations to the next level

Drones empower your team to survey and digitize your worksites faster, safer, and more often.
Let Delair’s Cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies help turn aerial data into business insights and make collaboration seamless across your sites and teams.

Improve your mining operations
with drones.
Using drones for mining means you get current, accurate and complete data of your worksites –  survey as often as you need and without hassle.

The added-value of making drones part of your mining equipment toolset:

  • Survey more frequently and get a complete, accurate view of your site’s status
  • Improve your inventory management with advanced stockpile volume measurement
  • Solidify your financial forecasting and adapt your supply chain management
  • Enhance traffic management and improve haul road’s maintenance
  • Ensure compliance and operations safety
  • Monitor your environmental impact

Delair provides end-to-end drone solutions for mining to acquire and process drone data, resulting in valuable business insights. By introducing drones into your mines, you will improve mining planning, optimize operations and enhance inventory management.

Delair combines a fixed-wing drone with a data analytics solution to empower you to rapidly and repeatedly collect and analyze comprehensive imagery of all of your sites.

A leading drone used for mining:
The Delair UX11.
Easily capture
The Delair UX11, known for its high precision and easy mapping capabilities, is the ideal drone solution for the mining industry. In just one flight, the drone covers up to 300 acres (120 ha) over 59 minutes, empowering you to make your mining operations as efficient as possible.

The Delair UX11 drone is easy to use and can be deployed by one operator, improving your staff’s overall safety. Say goodbye to the days of several surveyors attempting to work around heavy machinery, and enjoy all the benefits of a drone’s vantage point!

Move from drone data to actionable insights with a seamless workflow: plan your flight on a tablet with Delair Flight Deck, an intuitive and user-friendly Android app. Deploy your UX11 in your mine in less than 5 minutes and survey your entire site. Upload your data to the Delair Aerial Intelligence cloud platform and get the 2D/3D digital twin of your mine in just a few hours. Run the analytics you need and export the reports on production, inventory, safety and more to make better informed decisions.

Now we can run out there, grab the data and be done in about four hours. With the savings in time, increased precision and safety, the UX11 is a whole new ball game

Greg Meinecke, Technical Services Manager at Wood

Get actionable business insights
with drone data analytics for the mining industry.
The Delair Aerial Intelligence cloud platform helps you manage, process, view, analyze and collaborate around aerial data. It helps you plan and better manage your mining operations to take full control of your worksite.

“Having more frequent data gives us more information to make better decisions.”

John Blackmore, surveying supervisor, Luck Stone


2D and 3D models of your mine or quarry is just the beginning. Access the automated advanced analytics on the Delair Aerial Intelligence platform and see for yourself how the power of drone-data and cloud computing will take your daily work to the next level.
Get a fully automatic volume calculation of your stockpiles. Generate advanced reports to deliver accurate and reliable inventory and production forecasts

Extract updated information on you haul roads to identify potential hazards and improve design, maintenance and traffic


Support your safety roadmap and detect non compliant safety berms and highwalls


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