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UX11 PPK Premium

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1 UX11 drone (built-in RGB CMOS sensor)

  • Delair Link communication module
  • Lightweight transport case
  • Delair Flight Deck – Mission planning Android App
  • Delair After Flight – Post-flight data management and PPK software
  • 3G/4G connectivity (2 Year subscription *)
  • 1 charger and 2 batteries
  • Accessories and spare parts: pitot tubes (2), belly plate (1), connecting rods (2), propellers (3 pairs), propellers screwdriver (1)

PPK – Post-processing kinematics capability for survey-grade results Unlimited Unlimited

Delair Care

  • Accidental damage coverage**

Maintenance Premium Bonus

  • 1 spare parts kit including: pair of wings (1),
    belly plate (1), pitot tube (1), connecting rod,
    propellers (3 pairs), propeller holder, USB-C data
    cable, camera cleaning kit, propeller holder
    screwdriver, battery cable

  • 1 extra UX11 battery

Buy now

Buy now

* Cellular subscription availability and flight time limits may vary based on geographic information.
** Limited out-of-pocket expenses for accidental damages. Coverage is for two (2) year while system is under extended (2 years) factory warranty. Please contact us or one our authorized distribution partners for more information.

Special price for University and Academic Institutions

Subscription based pricing model: Takeoff Plan (available in Europe)
UX11 PPK solution ready to fly. No strings attached
Get high-quality business insights by using the best drone technology to improve your operations while minimizing the risks and maximizing the consistency of your drone program: zero CAPEX investment, 48 h drone replacement, limited out-of-pocket cost for accidental damage


Delair Takeoff

Fly as much as you want with the UX11 PPK and always benefit from the latest technology


1 Ready-to-fly UX11 drone with fully integrated industrial
RGB camera and accessories

Extra spare parts: 2 batteries, 1 pair of wings

Keep flying guarantee: 48 h drone replacement

Limited out-of-pocket costs in case of emergency

6 month subscription

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