Delair-Tech UAVS are used for the security and denfense industry
On: 9 June 2016 In: Press Book

Delair, a designer of professional drone solutions, has signed a partnership agreement with ECA Group to develop fixed-wing airborne drones for the defense sector.

Eurosatory 2016 – Paris, June 10, 2016 – the ECA Group and Delair announce their partnership to develop and market fixed-wing and long-endurance tactical mini unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for the defense sector. The first product offered by this partnership is the DT26M, a system for mini-drones collecting intelligence (SMDR). Fully designed and made in France, these observation drones can be deployed in less than 10 minutes from any operating base. Silent and discreet, they carry out reconnaissance missions across a 30km range. His state-of-the-art gyrostabilized turret offers an unequaled observation capability for a drone of that size.

Used both to guarantee the safety of a convoy of vehicles and to ensure the success of the most complex ground operations, observation mini-drones have become essential tools to make tactical decisions on the ground. The solution offered by ECA and Delair can operate over long distances. Easily deployed and user-friendly, this solution is ideal for intensive use at operating bases. Its sturdiness and reliability have been thoroughly tried and tested in extreme conditions (desert and tropical climates, mountain, cold weather, dusty and windy conditions, etc.).

The 15kg drone made of composite materials can carry a gyrostabilized turret for 2h30 to create visible and infrared videos which allows to see humans to 2,5km (nearly 1mile) or vehicles to 10km (nearly 6,2miles). Videos are broadcasted in real time over a distance of more than 30km (distance approved on field with difficult conditions) via a secured radio link. Advanced features for encryption, for « video tracking », the formatting of video flows in compliance with NATO standards, sturdiness and easy deployment were also developed to meet operational requirements on the ground in an optimal manner. It is marketed worldwide through the distribution networks of Delair and the ECA Group.

The new ground station, also developed jointly, meets the most recent requirements and can implement both fixed-wing drones by Delair and IT180 type vertical takeoff drones by ECA, which are being used by the French military. Ultimately, this ground station will also enable the implementation of ECA’s land robots, thereby minimizing the logistics footprint (spare parts, training, etc.) related to the implementation of robotic systems within the armed forces.

The solutions developed in this partnership rely on partners – SMEs and mid-cap companies – spread across France: Brittany, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) and Midi-Pyrénées regions, etc. The partnership makes it possible to developed a unique-in-the-world solution in an agile manner. Regional production chains are also established to manage supply and quality, with a strong impact on employment. “This partnership reflects a common goal to rally together the French industrial ecosystem. It’s the alliance between a strong and experienced medium-sized company and SMEs, providers of agility and innovations, to create the new international French champions.” said Michael De Lagarde, founder of Delair.

Delair contributes its expertise in easily operable fixed-wing drones that are competitive on account of being marketed on civilian markets where they total thousands of flight hours across various continents. Drawing on its expertise in airborne drones and defense systems, the ECA Group ensures that the drones produced through this partnership will be suited to meet the technical and operational requirements of the military. It also ensures the integration of the drones into the army system and the coordination of logistical support throughout the systems’ lifespan. Lastly, the ECA Group markets the solutions developed through the partnership via its export sales network in more than 80 countries.

“Our offer is solid, agile and competitive. Solid thanks to the recognized experience of ECA over the last 80 years in supplying defense solutions, and their logistical support over several decades. Agile, since we develop bespoke technologies for our customers and design new applications. And competitive, since Delair and the ECA Group work in extremely competitive environments, and we know how to offer the best technology while controlling costs. ,” said Guénaël Guillerme, Chief Executive Officer of ECA.

The market for DT26M type mini-drones for military use has existed for several years, and many armies are already equipped with such drones. This market has a volume comparable to that of IT180 type vertical takeoff drones, more recently used in the defense sector. Through this partnership with Delair, the ECA Group targets a significant increase in its airborne drone activity over the next few years.

About Delair

Delair, a global leader in professional drones, supports corporate decision-making choices with its long-range drones and unique processing of their images. Founded in 2011 by four french engineers, the start-up, located in Toulouse (south of France) provides unrivalled professional data, collected and analyzed by the only drones in the world which are certified for flight operations out of the sight of the pilot. Delair offers an integrated data processing solution to support decision making in all sectors of the industry. Delair has over 60 employees and is already present in some thirty countries. The startup is involved in many fields such as agriculture, infrastructure, energy, and construction. delair.aero

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