Example of high precision photogrammetry with UAVs
On: 8 July 2015 In: Press Book

Bastien Mancini, one of the Delair’s cofounders, was on a national news channel yesterday night talking about data collected by small long range UAV.

BFM TV, one of the most viewed news channel in France, broadcasted a program yesterday -called BFM Business- focus on the topic:  How can the Web host the heart of innovation in the digital world?

Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH, a Hosted service provider company, was here to discuss about how they stock and process steadily increasing amounts of data.

With the rise of commercial UAVs, millions of images have been processed to help inspect and monitor infrastructures from all over the world. The cofounder of Delair, Bastien Mancini, was here to explain how UAVs collect and process data with BLOS flights.
Thanks to OVH, Delair can host its data and provide deliverables effectively for large industrial or organizations such as EDF, SNCF.

Watch the replay here: http://bit.ly/1dLBcpZ