Delair-Tech UAV GNSS IMU
On: 9 September 2015 In: Events, New products

In June, Delair experimented the combination of RTK solution and the Applanix-15 UAV. In the following article you will find a White-paper analyzing the results of the experimentation.

From now on, Delair will propose to equip some of its drones with particular GNSS/IMU combination. Concerning the GNSS, the enterprise chose the RTK technology (Real Time Kinematics) in order to have a far better precision going from decimal meters to decimal centimeters. The big difference with its competitors is that Delair combine the RTK GNSS with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) in order to know the precise angular velocity. It has chosen the Applanix-15 UAV, one of the best technology for high precision surveys. The combination of the two technologies offers a unique accuracy which helps the customer getting located pictures really precisely. The data the customer will get after the process will be far better, which makes the DT18 and DT26X perfect tools for professional surveys with no need of GCP all along the large covered areas.

Download the White Paper on the link bellow: