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When it comes to ensuring the security of a site or the safety of a group of people, aerial surveillance is an invaluable tool. The key criteria for its effective deployment are image quality, a high-speed and secure telecom link, drone endurance and reliability and the ability to deploy the aircraft on any type of terrain, and finally discretion.
Since 2012, DELAIR, with the help of the French DoD has developed dedicated solutions that are the most proficient on the market today: our systems are capable of recognizing people from a distance of more than 1.5km, they can be used at night or during the day, they are enabled for satellite communication, automatic movement detection, video and geotracking, EO & IR fusion. The DT26M is also extremely silent and discreet, with a high-grade encryption datalink, long range telecommunications, and vision systems capable of managing GPS spoofing.
Our systems have flown in many theatres, including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The hardware is field-proven, easy to carry, even in harsh conditions. The robust design enables landing on rough terrain.
Drawing on its experience DELAIR integrated drones into Defence systems and coordinates logistical support throughout the system lifetime.
The DT26M is ITAR-free: it is fully designed and made in France. Its state-of-the-art gyro stabilized gimbal offers unequalled observation capability for a drone of that size, which is considered by operational users to be as efficient as the previous generation of tactical UAVs. All user data is STANAG compliant.
In France, several DELAIR’s systems are used by our customers’ operators each night, to ensure the security of their industrial facilities.

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DELAIR solutions for security and defence enable:

Whether they are used to guarantee the safety of a convoy of vehicles, to secure an industrial site or to ensure the success of the most complex ground operations, observation mini-drones have become essential tools for making successful tactical decisions on the ground. DELAIR drones can operate over long distances and offer incredible image quality. Easily deployed and user-friendly, they are ideal for intensive use. Their sturdiness and reliability have been field-proven in extreme conditions (desert and tropical climates, mountainous areas, cold weather, dusty and windy conditions, etc.).

The 15kg drone made of composite materials can carry the best EO/IR gyro stabilized gimbal on the market for its size, with on-board image-processing features (stabilization, fusion, pattern tracking, etc…) for a period of two and a half hours. It can detect people from a distance of 2,5 km (more than 1.5 miles) and vehicles from a distance of 10 km (6,2miles). Videos are broadcast in real time over a distance of more than 30km (distance confirmed in the field under harsh conditions) via a secured radio link. It features advanced functions for encryption, video tracking, geotracking , and complies with NATO standards for operational requirements.

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