Drone Solutions for Mines and Aggregates

The Mines & Quarries activity involves moving earth and profitability often depends on the ability of the operational team to optimize this task while reducing costs to a minimum. In order to do that, a prerequisite is to accurately determine the volume of ground to be moved.

DELAIR UAVs are a fast and cost effective way of undertaking topographical surveys. They reduce human intervention on site, allow operations to continue during surveys, and yield engineering-grade measurements.

For monitoring mines and quarries, volumes of stock piles and detecting anomalies, DELAIR offers a complete range of specific products such as orthomosaics and digital surface models (DSM) accurate to within one centimetre, contour lines and stock pile identification with corresponding volumes calculated.

Our products


  • Minimize human intervention for maintenance operations in remote locations.
  • Automatically detect and identify potential hazards from above, to stop them causing accidents.
  • by eliminating the need to stop operations in the surveyed zone
  • by minimizing the topography costs and times
  • by providing accurate pit models and contour maps to improve planning
  • by estimating stock pile volumes

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