Seed breeding and production with aerial data drone and cloud computing drone data analytics
On: 28 March 2019 In: Webinar

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Forget the phenotyping bottleneck and the hassle of seed production monitoring.

Drone hardware and image processing innovations enable fast and accurate measures of traits, especially if you are conducting multi-plot field experiments every year.

Field evaluation industrialization and traceability are tremendously streamlined.

Aerial intelligence brings enhanced knowledge and analysis capabilities of plant response throughout the whole crop cycle. Drone solutions help accurate seeds production monitoring and forecasting which lowers logistics and markets risks.



In this webinar you will learn how drone hardware and image processing innovations enables you to:

  • Unlock the phenotyping bottleneck
  • Measure multi-plot field experiments traits faster and accurately
  • Streamline plant response analysis throughout the whole crop cycle
  • Drastically improve seeds production monitoring and forecasting to lower logistics and markets risks.


Benjamin Benharrosh – Co-founder and VP Enterprise Sales at Delair

Benjamin Benharrosh is a co-founder of Delair. Previously, as head of North American operations, he oversaw Delair’s expansion into the US and Canadian market from the company’s base in Los Angeles. Currently as Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Benjamin is leading the deployment of Delair aerial intelligence solutions for Agriculture globally.

Alexis Janson – Applied Product Engineer for Agriculture & Forestry at Delair

Alexis Janson is Agronomist, graduated from the agricultural engineering school AgroParisTech. At Delair, he is in charge of providing technical expertise to sales and marketing teams regarding delair’s agriculture drone products and data analytics software offer. Alexis has a strong product experience in agribusiness from crop production to agricultural machinery. He puts his expertise in practice to make the agriculture move to digitization.


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