Visual Intelligence Sensors

Delair provides visual intelligence to enterprises through a full range of reality capture sensors to help you digitize your physical assets to get actionable business insights. Digital twins will become your preferred tool, as they contain data which is reliable, accurate and can be updated at any time.

Our unique experience as a technology expert and solution provider allows us to supply you with a full range of data collection solutions. Drones, cameras and apps will help you get quality data at any time, anywhere.

Enter the digital era with a Delair data capture solution and let us be part of your digital transformation.

Drone Data
Capture Solutions.
Illustrate reality with Delair drone data capture solutions and build your digital twin to generate visual intelligence.

Delair Drones

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Fixed Wing Drones

Delair professional fixed wing drones are the ideal tool for aerial data acquisition faster and further. They can cover large surfaces per flight, flying smoothly and stable along the way. Delair drones provide quality accurate RGB, LiDAR or multispectral data, which is necessary to build the digital twin and get business insights. Delair fixed wing drones can also be the preferred choice for night and day surveillance of infrastructures or sensitive areas.

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DJI Drones

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Multirotor Drones

The DJI professional multirotors drones are ideal for capturing accurate data at a low altitude and/or of small surfaces. DJI has revolutionized its systems to provide a high level of accuracy to build accurate digital twins of physical assets. They integrate a high definition RGB sensor as well as a multispectral one providing imagery built for construction, infrastructure and agriculture applications.

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