Precision Agriculture

From drone to farm equipment: a turnkey solution.
In a context of environmental awareness, strict regulations and high input costs, new precision ag technologies are much needed. 
With Delair Ag solution, farmers can apply herbicide only where weeds grow, resulting in input efficiency and environmental compliance.

Enjoy an easy and smart workflow

The process is quick and simple. Capture your field with a drone equipped with a multispectral camera. Process your data and automatically generate your weed control or fertilizer prescription map on artificial intelligence platform. Transfer it to your sprayer terminal for modulation rate application.

Make huge herbicid savings

Reach an average of 50% herbicid savings. Recent tests in corn fields showed that you can reduce applied herbicide by up to 50%, which leads to a cost reduction of about 30% (including drone flight and prescription map generation).

Plug and spray

Artificial intelligence platforms can be easily integrated in your own farm management software to generate prescription maps, such as weed control or fertilizer. Contact us for specific software integration.


  • Weed control prescription map for row crops
  • Fertilizer prescription map for canola and cereals


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