Vegetation Encroachment with Drones

Vegetation management remains one of the most expensive operational cost for the transmission and distribution of electricity. Being able to effectively quantify and classify the risk related to vegetation is critical to ensuring the service continuity and to diminish maintenance and intervention costs. By carefully registering and combining 3D models of a power line and its surrounding vegetation, we are able to accurately determine the distance between the two.

What do I get?

You will get a classified point cloud representing the distance from the power line to vegetation edge. A vectorised map depicting the various identified zones of interest will be provided based on their order of criticalness. Additionally, for each flagged zone, a detailed pruning report displaying information such as exact position, span of area and exact distance to the wire is included.

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How can I use this report?

These reports represent a direct support to the prioritization and optimization of tree trimming and cutting. They can be used by operators to effectively support mission planning and also for post-mission quality assessment on localized areas.