Drone Solutions for Power lines and Utilities

DELAIR drone and data solutions make infrastructure’s inspections faster, safer and more accurate. UAVs offer more effective inspection and surveillance services that cost a fraction of traditional methods such as helicopters or deploying an army of inspectors on foot. Our disruptive unmanned aerial imaging drones include a range of dedicated aerial imaging solutions for both infrastructure inspection and maintenance as well as site surveillance and security. Examples of UAV applications include but not limited to powerline inspection, powerline digitalization, isolator check,  leak detection,  emergency inspection, asset management and surveillance.

Powerlines solutions by Delair-Tech

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  • Reports field-expedient by maintenance operators
  • Scoreboard to manage your pruning operations and to control vegetation
  • Accurate infrastructure digitalization
  • Professional sensors integrated in our drones for high quality resolution
  • Maximised the time of inspection and data processing in comparison of traditional methods
  • Enhanced the efficacity of each inspection thanks to our long-range drones
  • Reduced setup costs with our dedicated technologies
  • Avoided threat of shutting down with live inspections
  • Prevented risks thanks to a pre-maintenance inspection and optimized resources allocations
  • Reduced the number of agents working at height
  • Minimised the exposure to live circuits
  • Minimised the number of on-site visits

Use Cases

Use case Delair-Tech vegetation encroachment drones
Vegetation encroachment

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