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Safety & Highwalls analytics for Mines & Aggregates

Support your safety roadmap, better comply with safety requirements, avoid fines and minimize shutdowns.

Visual intelligence to help you
meet your safety commitment.

The Safety and Highwall analytics provide a visual set of tools to help support your safety roadmap.

All safety-related analytics are automatically extracted from your site’s digital twin and visualized in an intuitive, interactive experience. Compliance status of highwalls, safety blocks and berms appear overlaid on the latest drone survey of your site. Areas of concern are color-coded, such as a berm height that is nearing an unsafe height or a block that is not compliant. Of course, all parameters are customizable to adapt to local regulations and the type of trucks you use.

In short, offers an unified view of your site and its operational activities to understand and proactively address safety issues.

Automatic non-compliant safety berms and blocks detection

View safety berm and blocks heights and spot the non complaints one with a simple color code.Compliance values are calibrated to your on-site equipment fleet, which are customizable to adhere to official standards, depending on your location.

Automatic non-compliant highwals detection

Highwall toes and crests become visible in the blink of an eye to help you easily distinguish edges. You can hover over a marking to view the height at a given spot, enabling monitoring of a bench nearing a non-compliant height. Compliance values are customizable to adapt to your local mining laws and regulations.

Fuel your safety dashboard
with visual intelligence analytics. provides you with a new way to perform a safety check of your mine or quarry. The analytics will help you set compliance goals and measure progress easily, as drone surveys are by far easier to perform than walk inspections. For companies operating several sites, you can even aggregate safety compliance data provided by to enrich the dashboard of your occupational health and safety management system.


  • Highwall heights, crests, toes
  • Safety block heights
  • Safety berm crest, toes, and heights


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