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Automated stockpile inventory with drone data and visual intelligence

Get greater visibility of your inventory to better monitor production and adjust it to stock and sales forecasts.
Get reliable data for financial reporting.

Easy, fast and accurate
stockpiled materials inventory.

The Advanced Stockpile analytic automatically detects the stockpiles in your site’s digital twin and calculates volumes and weight of materials. Based on your material type and its density, you’ll get the tonnage as well as the footprint of all your stockpiles.

For accurate results, the analytic relies on six stockpile volume calculation methods: lowest point, triangulated surface, best fit plane, configurable Z value, constant thickness, differential.

The quality and precision of the results are validated thanks to a quality check made by Delair experts, allowing you to perform even the most complex volume calculation with ease.
This information is easy to export to your ERP software to fulfil your accounting objectives. Both visual reports (.pdf) and tabular reports (.xls) are created in just a few clicks.


Visual intelligence helps you save time on inventory management

The Advanced Stockpile analytic eliminates the need to manually measure stockpiles by automatically identifying and measuring stockpiles for you. Automated stockpiles reports save you valuable time and enable you to deliver information to the stakeholders timely and accurately. As you get more frequent data with drone surveys, you’ll be able to monitor your operations more closely.


  • Automated Stockpile Identification and volume
  • Stockpile inventory Report
  • Stockpile location Map and Inventory Report
  • Statistics Dashboard


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