Field trials

Get accurate trait measurements
of your experimental fields, at the right time.
Trials are complex, geographically diverse, prone to human error, time-intensive, sampled and costly. 

Artificial intelligence platforms’ analytics help you alleviate the typical phenotyping bottleneck by providing you with the all the visualization tools to map and scout your fields.

Eliminate invalid micro-plots

Early in the season, our platform allows you identify invalid micro-plots based on the number of plants per plot.

Extract plant trait values

Throughout the crop season, you can collect multiple surveys that can be benchmarked spatially and over time. The digital twins of your field during each trial can seamlessly be integrated in your organisation’s internal software.


  • Microplot Vectorization
  • Scouting maps
  • Statistics by plot
  • Plants & Gaps counting
  • Plant Height
  • Flowering Characterization 
  • Emergence Characterization 
  • Stay Green


Additional Analytics for Agriculture & Forestry industries