On: 1 July 2020 In: Agriculture, Platform

Forestry Club de France used to detect trees under attack and cut only the necessary areas to sanitize the forest.

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On: 3 June 2020 In: Platform

With just a few lines of code, you can easily deploy your customized analytic on projects containing 3D images in

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On: 26 May 2020 In: Platform platform update: We continue our frequent upgrades to and the latest release contains a wide range of exciting new features! Read on to learn more.

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On: 15 April 2020 In: Agriculture, Platform platform update: you can now create your own custom scouting maps and custom composition maps from your multispectral and hyperspectral data

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On: 1 April 2020 In: Platform, Power & Utilities’s machine-learning algorithms for automatic Lidar point cloud classification allow you to isolate your infrastructure and classify its surroundings just with a click.

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