Delair-Tech white paper
On: 21 June 2016

Delair-Tech White Paper entitled Get “the Z” right : methodology for achieving centimeter accuracy using drone-acquired data for mapping and topography purposes written by Bastien MANCINI, co-founder of Delair-Tech and Technical Director.


In this scientist paper you will understand the benefits of precision GNSS/IMU on the accuracy of products obtained by photogrammetry (DSM, DTM, orthophotography, stereoscopic restitution, 3D model) with Delair-Tech UAVs.

Delair-Tech technologies are able to bring high accuracy making it possible to work without Ground Control Points (GCPs), thus reducing overall costs.

This White Paper has been written based on a case study which was carried out from December 2015 to March 2016 with our DT18-PPK & DT26XPPK models.

Download the White Paper – Get “the Z” right