Delair CamLight

Camlight is a high-resolution camera designed especially for aerial imaging. Developed in partnership with IGN (national geographic and forestry institute of France), this camera was built to reduce the cost and optimize the utility of high resolution cameras for both manned and unmanned aircraft as well as terrestrial applications.

  • Most lightweight and compact camera in its class
  • High resolution and high quality images to capture every detail
  • Larger than full-frame global shutter sensor for crisp imagery without distortions

The Camlight grants advanced users, systems integrators, researchers, drone manufacturers, and payload developers access to a high-end imaging sensor without the bulk and redundant components such as data storage, a GPU, a GPS, an HMI, or a screen. Finally you can build a clean and lean system with full control over the sensor and its software.

  • 180 g (without lens)
  • 66 x 64 x 46 mm (without lens)
  • 47.5 MP
  • 4.6μm pixel pitch
  • Full-frame sensor class (larger than standard 35mm full frame sensors)
  • Electronic global shutter
  • Frame rate of 1 fps
  • Temperature range of -5°C to 40°C
  • Leica M mount
  • SDK available

The compact form factor and extremely light weight make the Camlight an ideal choice for easy integration onboard small commercial drones.

A variety of high-quality glass lenses and filters are available from leading optics manufacturers for the Leica M mount.

Achieve perfect synchronization between the camera shutter and external sensors such as GNSS and autopilot triggers.

Customize the software, settings, and configuration of the Camlight for your specific application.

What can you do with the Camlight ?

Camlight ARRAY (in partnership with ONERA)

In partnership with ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab, the Camlight Array was created. This advanced payload includes six Camlight sensors assembled in an array. Capturing six different spectral bands at high resolution simultaneously, the Camlight Array is the ultimate multispectral camera.

Six Camlight images per frame, each at 47.5 MP, yields a composite image of nearly 300 MP which can be greater than 500 Mb in size.

This payload was embedded with a powerful GPU that enabled onboard AI processing to control the Camlight Array and is compatible with an interchangeable solid state drive.

Aerial Imaging in the South of France

In this configuration the Camlight was coupled with GPS and an NVIDIA Jetson Nano processor. The payload was installed in the Delair DT26E fixed wing UAV and flown over a 45 hectare (110 acre) area in the South of France in less than 20 minutes.

Below is a sample of the orthophoto with a 2 cm GSD and the 3D model derived from the 170 Camlight images.

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